• Essential Oil Studies: A Simple Way to Experience or Share doTERRA...And It's FREE!

    Each month I have a 10-day essential oil studies where non-members can try doTERRA products FREE in exchange for participating in some online education and sharing their experiences.


    If you are NOT a doTERRA member, you can participate and if you ARE a member and want to help a friend on my dime, this is for you!

  • 1) So you're NOT a doTERRA member but...

    If you have never tried doTERRA and you would like to see improvements in one of these areas:


    * Anxiousness/Stress

    * Digestion

    * Sleep

    * Muscle/Joint or Body Discomfort


    and are willing to try 3 doTERRA products FREE for 10 days while experiencing online education and checking in daily on your experiences, please complete an application below for the study that interests you.


    Please list the name of the person who referred you, as you both will receive a FREE gift for your participation, as well as additional FREE gifts of you choose to make a purchase as a result of the study.

  • Choose Your Study Date

    Apply Now!

  • 2) I'm a doTERRA member and want to refer a friend!

    Have you ever wanted to help a friend experience doTERRA but either you are not interested in doing doTERRA as a business or you feel you have not been successful at it? I want to help!


    If they complete the study, you BOTH get a FREE GIFT and if they purchase from me you BOTH get a FREE GIFT. There are even ways to continue to earn bonuses off their future orders without doing doTERRA as a business!


    Go here for more details and to see what I am currently offering as a FREE referral gift. Your friends can also apply here and list your name for referring them: https://www.oilshares.org/essential-oil-studies

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