• Create an Income with dōTERRA®

    Learn our simple process to pay it forward and get your products paid for, create a small support community of friends to learn together about the oils, or create residual income.

    - Video One -


    This introduces the process of Club 333. Pay it forward and pass it on!!

    - Video Two -

    Share a Sample

    Learn How and Why to Share.

    - Video Three -

    Follow Up

    Over 90% Of People Don't Do The Followup. 85% Of People Buy After The Fourth Interaction. Learn How To Followup.

    - Video Four -

    Help 3 Get Kit

    Help Them Make The Best Choice For Their Family

    - Video Five -

    Products Free For Life

    Why we Do What We Do

    - Video Six -

    Help 3 Newbies Play With Their Kit

    Make Sure They Know How To Use Their Oils. They won't share if they don't know how to use them themselves.

    - Video Seven -

    Bring Them Back To Support Group

    Bring them back to an event to play with their oils. Help them learn how to use them.

    - Video Eight -

    Plug Them Into Larger Support Team

    Plug Them Into The Larger Team. It's Bigger Than You.

    - Video Nine -

    Help 3 Pay It Forward

    Duplication is the Key. Start the night they Join.

    - Video Ten -

    Part One

    Get Products FREE For Life

    Pay It Forward. Help 3 Do What You Have Done!

    - Video Ten -

    Part Two

    Get Products FREE For Life

    Pay It Forward. Help 3 Do What You Have Done!


    Give Them an Experience

    Help them get Five experiences. Here are a few steps to help you get over 90% closing.


    - Video-

    Prepare to Share​

    Deanna shows you a few simple steps to be an amazing person that shares.

    - Video-

    Enrollment Conversation - The NIGHT they Enroll​

    This is an amazing video where Deanna teaches you how to get the person started on the right path the night they enroll. It is very important that you start them off on their journey on the right foot.

    - Video-

    What is the best way to make money with doterra​​

    This is a very good question. I love using this method for creating income in doTERRA. You don't have to do it a certain way. You can choose.

    - Video-

    How to Find Business Partners​​

    This is a strategy we use to find business partners. There are many ways to do this, this is one of the ways we enjoy doing it.

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