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    1. Personal business mentoring

    2. Training in our simple proven process to create sustainable residual income

    3. Weekly group business mentoring

    4. Daily opt-in accountability to reach your goals

    5. Ability to be placed in a key position in my organization based on performance and efforts

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    Mary Thoma

    dōTERRA Gold - Oil Shares Team

    "While I greatly appreciate and have benefited from their extensive experience and expertise in the business, what I appreciate as much or even more is their commitment and dedication to creating a healthy community, focused on personal growth and a positive mindset. This drama-free zone, coupled with their personal care and accessibility, has helped me step into leadership in a way that has not only grown my business but inspired me to lead in a way that truly fosters healthy, loving community. The environment they have created is caring, loving and ever focused on helping others reach for the highest and best in themselves and others."

    Harmony Williams

    dōTERRA Platinum, Oil Shares Personal Enrollee

    "Jon and Deanna have always answered my calls, given free education and training and supported my success however I needed. They have been honest with me, shared their opinions on what they think would work best, while still making it very clear that this is my business and I get to chose the best path.They inspire me to love better and I hope that I do the same for them. I am grateful for their friendship, leadership and passion. Their work ethic is incredibly inspiring."

  • Meet Deanna

    Hi! This is Deanna Nichols! Let me tell you why I am passionate about doTERRA essential oils. When I experienced these oils in 2011, I had struggled for 20 years with my health. At this point I had made a lot of changes to a wellness lifestyle but had not seen the kind of improvements I was expecting.

    But after using the oils daily for emergencies, to offer extra support for certain body systems, and to help me be at optimal wellness, I saw such improvements in 18 months that it was life-changing and apparent to everyone around me. I just could not keep it to myself! So I began sharing with my family and friends.

    Our community has expanded to tens of thousands of families all over world who are using and sharing doTERRA. And I have become one of the top doTERRA leaders and one of the world's largest distributors of essential oils. Every aspect of my life - physically, emotionally, and financially - is better with doTERRA. And I want to help YOU and your family experience that too! This is your life. Live it abundantly. And SHINE ON!

    Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with me TODAY. During the 30-min session you'll have an opportunity to ask your questions in a one-on-one setting and receive usage recommendations. This means you'll be left feeling at ease, prepared and confident on how to use essential oils for every member of your family - children and pets included! To request a consultation (phone, skype or in-person), click on the button below. Looking forward to connecting with you!

    Deanna Nichols Life Now

    Your past does not have to be your story. Write your own story. Shine your Light. All things are possible.

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