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POST 6: How to SAVE Money

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💧How to SAVE even more money $$ when you order.
ALWAYS ORDER LRP! (monthly rewards ordering)

😊HOW TO GET PRODUCTS FOR $20 with LLV Vitamin Pack! And Skincare!!

👍🏻LRP tricks! Order entire skin care kits, haircare kits and entire enrollment kits, LLV Vitamin Pack, etc and get extra LRP discounted prices (can't use points on them anyway!) buy your kits, cash money in on oils!

You can use points on almost all oils and almost all products that are not in premade kits.
No diffusers
No premade kits (those are already extra discounted)
No Roman Chamomile.
All else is fair game.

Always buy LLV, skincare and haircare and kits, never cash in points on them because it takes more points than if you buy them- a lot more. Pay for that stuff, cash in on the rest.

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